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Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Welcome to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery - A Tranquil Final Resting Place in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
At Mount Pleasant Cemetery, we understand the importance of finding a peaceful and serene final resting place for loved ones. Our picturesque grounds have provided a tranquil and respectful resting place for families and individuals for over a century.

Located in on the east side of Sioux Falls, we e offer a range of interment options to meet the unique needs and preferences of each family. Whether you are interested in traditional ground burials, above-ground mausoleum entombment, or cremation niches and even green burials our compassionate staff will work with you to create a final resting place that honors your loved one's memory.

Our grounds are thoughtfully designed with gardens and mature trees that create a sense of serenity and calm. We believe that our cemetery is a place for reflection and contemplation, where visitors can find comfort and solace in their memories of loved ones.

 Our convenient location makes it easy for families to visit their loved ones and pay their respects.
At Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, our mission is to provide a respectful and tranquil final resting place for families and individuals. We are honored to serve the Sioux Falls community and those who come from afar to find a peaceful resting place for their loved ones since 1873

Thank you for considering Mt. Pleasant Cemetery for your final arrangements. Our dedicated staff is here to support you every step of the way.