Carl Andrew Look

1861 - 1941

“Carl L. Look is proprietor of two well established and profit-earning meat markets in Sioux Falls. He has built up the business entirely through his own energy and determination and his methods have been such as neither seek nor require disguise. Moreover, he has displayed his faith in the city and its future by various investments in property.

Mr. Look was born on the 25th of August, 1861, in Brunswick, Germany, a son of Henry and Minnie Look, the former a farmer and stock-raiser by occupation. In a family of thirteen children Carl A. Look is the youngest and after acquiring a public-school education he entered upon a three years’ apprenticeship to the butcher’s trade, paying ten dollars per year and all of his own expense for the privilege of being instructed in that work. He gained a thorough familiarity with the business that was evidenced in his growing skill and thus he laid the foundation for his later success. In 1883, when in his twenty-second year, he came to America, thinking to find broader and better business opportunities in the new world. After spending a brief period in Wisconsin with an older brother he removed to Sioux Falls, where he worked at his trade through the succeeding five years at an average wage of twenty-two dollars per month. He was ambitious and energetic, however, and resolved to one day engage in business on his own account. When he had saved a little capital he opened a small market at Seventh street and Main avenue. His courteous and obliging manner and evident desire to please his patrons, combined with his fair dealing, soon won him an increasing trade. The business outgrew its original quarters and a removal was made. A branch market was established and in time Mr. Look found himself at the head of one of the largest and most profitable business undertakings of this character in South Dakota. His confidence in the city’s future prompted him to invest in real estate and he is now the owner of several valuable business and residence properties.

In 1890 Mr. Look was united in marriage to Miss Minnie Tepps, and they became parents of three children. The wife and mother passed away in 1901 and in 1905 Mr. Look wedded Miss Minnie Uehren, who died March 18, 1913. The children of the first marriage are: Leroy, who is associated with his father in business, and Hazel and Helen. Mr. Look makes motoring his chief source of recreation. He confines his attention closely to business affairs and an analyzation of his life work and his character indicate that thrift, industry and integrity have been the moving forces in the attainment of his present success.”

Kingsbury George W. History of Dakota Territory. Chicago: S. J. Clarke, 1915,  IV. pp. 75 – 76.

Carl Look was buried on Nov. 2, 1941 in the family lot in Block 8 – Lot 5 of the Cemetery.