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What is a ....... ?

  • Cemetery - A place where the remains of deceased individuals are buried or interred.
  • Graveyard - A small plot of land, usually associated with a church, where the remains of deceased individuals are buried.
  • Burial - The act of interring or burying the remains of a deceased person.
  • Funeral - A ceremony or service that honors and celebrates the life of a deceased person.
  • Memorial - A tribute or remembrance of a person or event, often in the form of a monument, plaque, or ceremony.
  • Cremation - A process of disposing of the remains of a deceased person by burning the body to ashes.
  • Headstone - A marker or monument placed at the head of a grave to identify and honor the deceased.
  • Mausoleum - A large and elaborate tomb or building that houses multiple graves or burial chambers.
  • Interment - The act of placing a deceased person's remains in a grave or tomb.
  • Plot - A specific section of land in a cemetery where a deceased person's remains are buried.
  • Grave marker - A marker or monument placed at a grave site to identify and honor the deceased.
  • Memorial park - A cemetery or park-like area designed for the purpose of commemorating and honoring the deceased.
  • Funeral home - A business that provides funeral and related services, such as embalming, cremation, and funeral planning.
  • Pre-planning - The act of making arrangements for one's own funeral or burial in advance.
  • Grief support - Services and resources provided to individuals who are experiencing grief and loss, such as counseling or support groups. ( A loved ones passing is causing you grief and you need help, please call 211 for general referrals, 988 if you need help with thoughts of self harm or suscide and if you are in danger please call 911. Another good resource might be your local church, synagogue, temple or mousqe. )

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About Mt. Pleasant:

Mount Pleasant Cemetery located in Sioux Falls is the cities oldest cemetery still in operation since 1873.